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About Our Team


What hides the magical "We":

All the fuss revolves around Agnieszka. She is the face of Your Brand Support. However, as often he counsels others, he also uses the wisdom of his own counsel. So you guess correctly that she does not do everything herself (e.g. not pedestrians on this side).

Agnieszka is an artist. Like any colorful character, he has every right to sometimes wander his thoughts or be misunderstood. The ground that has the support of people experienced in technology, logistics and process creation.

He has an incredible command of a pencil, brush, graphics tablet and all graphic editing tools. Photoshop has no secrets from her. He has been drawing since he was a child and is not going to stop at all. Her dream is to illustrate a children’s book with a captivating story.

When he raises his hand from above the drawings, he grabs the camera. He loves to explore the world through the lens. Sessions with her are great fun full of entertainment, because she treats them as a social event, not work to be done.

Optimistic, dreamy, spontaneous and full of energy that infects others. He definitely belongs to those people next to whom one does not pass by indifferently.

This is an engineer… you won’t understand that either.

No matter how complicated the obstacles on the way to achieving the goal, she disassembles them into first parts, and then in a way known only to herself folds so that the solution seems to be child’s play.
Where someone sees a crowd of difficult tasks that cannot be grasped, she sees interesting puzzles and rubs her hands to take care of them.
He can do magic, thanks to which boring administrative work, occupying hours, becomes a pleasant, fifteen-minute occupation.
He owns Office, WordPress, mailing programs, and now he is training in marketing campaign automation.

Her dream is to work for Ikea as a creator of pictorial instructions for assembling furniture… the more complicated the better.

Time stands still on topics such as:

Outdoor, trekking, orgasming excursions and family entertainment
Personal development and life outside the schemes
 Diving and water sports (including those on frozen water)
Nature, ecology, taking care of the environment
 Designing, constructing, DIY

What we believe in

To the eternal philosophical question to be or to have we answer: EXPERIENCE – collect experiences and emotions! We are not amused by acquiring things for the mere fact of owning. As a result, pulling out a wallet and paying for the service according to the price list arouses as much emotion in us as washing windows. On the other hand, the same service from a passionate person who puts his heart into it is a positive madman, crazy in the subject, it’s already an adventure! We love to meet such people on our way, get to know their point of view and let them take them to their world for a moment. This is the kind of collecting experience we are talking about!
We believe that the world of services and products does not have to be dominated by corporations and networks. And enthusiasts should liberate themselves from jobs, where their value is flattened to the average hourly rate. We believe in the revolution of current systems and the change of standards. It would be amazing to abandon the current patterns of chasing anything in favor of putting people, values, and ideals above money, excess, and statistics. We focus on surrounding ourselves with enthusiasts, living on their own terms and changing the world. We strive for cooperation and meeting people providing services or offering products with passion and commitment.

People who inspire us include Simon Sinek, Pink, Tony Robins, Fryderyk Karzełek, Klaudia Pingot and of course our mothers.

Adventures of the Pirate Duo

Who we help

In one sentence:
enthusiasts who are looking for help in the implementation of their project.

A long story with the same punchline:

At the beginning of the path of development of your own idea, many technical matters are still a mystery. Often, after a short reconnaissance, we buoy against a wall of things to do. Topics that stretch endlessly left and right like a Chinese wall.

And so begins the inevitable path of digging in the basement no longer over your project, but over the image, content, posting, community building, marketing, coywriting, photography, the basics of graphics … and the list seems to have no end… After many weeks, we raise our heads off the screen and find that the energy put into the project does not bring measurable results.

In a fit of common sense, some of us will discover that there is a difference between what they are physically able to do on their own and what they should actually do, and then delegate the rest for their own health.

Such individuals are ready to raise their project to life faster. Ripe for the decision to accept help. We, in turn, are then willing to give it, serving all our experience.

Thanks to this, together we create an amazing team, achieving spectacular results. Everyone does what they are best at.

How we do it

We serve our experience in systematization and standardization. Knowledge about PR and marketing gained through dozens of hours of training and courses (including those with weak content – at least we learn how not to act). We know how to create a brand with character, determine the ideal customer, create a message or build an offer. We have access, knowledge and skills in using tools such as PhotoShop, PowerPoint, WordPress or mailing applications. We are masters of preparing templates and schemes that automate work. We use all this in building and developing brands in the online world as well as outside it. And we don’t want to teach you any of our powers or provide you with theory. In turn, we want to use all our skills, capabilities (and licenses) to develop your project for you and with you.

In fact, why?

The new projects are like a ball pool!

… because we can. As much as we have free time in our calendar, we love to spend it on creative work. Nothing develops and gives satisfaction like delving into new projects. Creative meetings, being part of valuable initiatives and positive final effects of work are water for our mill.

By engaging in projects, we know that what is easy for us does not necessarily have to be so for others, but we also broaden our horizons.

We love brainstorming, combining the cards we play and looking for solutions that make achieving amazing results child’s play.

We are driven by sharing our knowledge and experience to serve others. Thanks to this, they can achieve their goals by going further, faster, easier. We are simply winged by passing on the values and knowledge that we ourselves have received from other people.

Bywa, że o nas mówią...

"The passions can be different. Some people crochet others sew, take photos or paint. Some people make beautiful macramé, while others support passionates. What do they all have in common? Exactly, the PASSION. Surround yourself with people who will make you smile. Even just being there is fun. They bring colors into your world. Our first joint project has already been created. Together with Agnieszka, we dressed my passion with digital illustrations. I don't know about you, but I am in love with those. I know that soon, the time will come for a photo session that will show how much I love what I do."
"When someone asks us if we are satisfied with the cooperation, we say this: The photos we created together with Agnieszka helped us take our business to a completely different level. The memories we have from the session itself make us feel terrific. Preparations for the session showed us that the service starts much earlier, and the return on investment depends only on how well you use what you create with such an artist."

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What are you doing here?

Do you feel that something clicked and you wanted to stay with us as long as possible? Hey!… don’t be so shy. After all, you already know that we love to surround yourself with interesting people… click on the button, write to us and let yourself be known. Just a simple “Hello!”

On the other hand, maybe you belong to those “something doesn’t fit me here” skeptics? Nothing could be simpler! Instead of spending the nights looking for a hidden meaning, talk to us. Probably all doubts will be clarified in a moment.

Whatever the case, we thank you for the time and interest you put into getting to know us. We are very pleased!

We wish you great adventures! And remember that the limits of possibilities are set only by imagination.

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