Illustrations for business

Do you want to create a clear message? Present your idea in a visual form!

Illustration Services

An order for a graphic illustration can be both one-off or on the basis of permanent cooperation. We can make for you services such as creating an Brand Hero, single illustrations, memes, mini comics, visual notes or graphics packages without a background. Take a look at our portfolio and tell us what crazy use of raster graphics you see in your project. We are ready to sail with you in these fantasies.

Brand HERO

Together we will create and create an ambassador for your brand. It will be a dynamic part of your company’s image. It will make the brand unique in the eyes of the recipient, and thus better recognizable and remembered.

The hero will facilitate the communication of the company’s values and its character. A dynamic character, unlike the logo and other brand attributes, can evoke and focus positive emotions in the recipient. Wasn’t chester who made everyone associate the Cheetos brand?

Designing and drawing characters on individual order is a cost of approx. 550 € net and depends on the advancement of the project. When creating it, we will take into account such aspects of your company’s strategy as: brand personality, features of the ideal customer, branding (colors and style), mission and way of communication. Your Brand Hero will exude the values you want to convey to your customers.

Graphics Package

Brand Hero doesn’t feel happy when it doesn’t do anything. That is why it is worth entrusting him with the task of representing your brand. 

Let’s create a graphics package with your Brand Hero, so he could prove himself in your social media. We will present a hero racked by emotions. We will arm you with illustrations of the Hero in different poses, in the form of stickers you will be able to freely combine with branding backgrounds.  Thanks to this, you will maintain brand consistency and flexibility in  a daily promotion in social media.

Creating a complete package of graphics, based on your Brand Hero, depending on the number of characters and add-ons costs from 840 € net (with 10 elements). 

Package includes: character drawings in two versions (without background and with a white shell – stickers). In addition, add-ons such as background templates, chat clouds or arrows. All tohetger is ready to connect with the text and publish on your channels.


When a package of graphics is not enough to announce an important message to our customers, we can draw a larger caliber. Illustration is a more complicated form of graphics. Here you can ask for a background and put your character in context.

An illustration made in this way can be used in a campaign announcing a product or service, become part of training content (course, e-book) or be a form of entertainment for your recipients, e.g. in the form of a meme.

Drawing an individual illustration is a price of approx. 250 € net. The cost is primarily influenced by the level of advancement and complexity of the illustration and its purpose. Simple illustrations that are an addition to, for example, courses or e-books cost from 100 €, while with complex cover illustrations from 500 €.

Cooperation Step by Step

We determine what you need – We plan what graphics or final effect you want to achieve. We review inspirations and look for what will satisfy you.

We determine the scope and terms of cooperation by signing the contract.You pay an advance and provide materials for the project.

I get to work… I prepare sketches of illustrations, give them to you and wait for the verdict. I correct the sketches based on your suggestions and approve the design.

 I put all my skills into the realisation of the project. This is where the final product is made. I provide you with a thumbnail of the finished project along with an invoice to pay.

This beautiful new illustration is given to you. From now on, you can use it in line with the terms of the contract.

Good to know

100% satisfaction GUARANTEE or money back!

We guarantee the highest possible quality and uniqueness of the prepared graphics. However, we understand that sometimes something can go wrong as expected and there are a lot of reasons for this. Then we will not rummage in spilled milk.

We blow your mind or refund your money. Just like that – you find that we have not met your expectations, we return your money, take our toys and say goodbye without regret.

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