Image Photography

A hasty visit in the studio and photos showing mainly your stress are not what you want from the session?

Get a better experience – Take part in an unconventional photoshoot where just you and the fun matter!

Why do we offer Photoshoots?

There will be no second chance to make a good first impression… 

the customer forms an opinion about the product and builds emotions related to the offer even before he hears the first word from you or reads the first line of the text. It’s just that an image delivers information faster than any other message. Therefore, every first impression is a visual impression. Those first few seconds of receiving your offer are often an impulse to delve into it, but also to reject it. 

Answer only one question: what is the importance of preparing the perfect offer if you do not encourage the customer to get acquainted with it? 

We are massively moving to the online world, promoting our services and products. Therefore, extraordinary quality and heart put into the services provided also require a visual setting that arouses the customer’s interest. Image photography consists in creating an image that will evoke certain emotions at the first look. Thanks to this, it will become a magnet, attracting a potential customer to get acquainted with the offer. 

Are you actively promoting your brand image on the web? Do you build or update service offers on websites or in social media? Photos will complete your message to customers, so you will achieve your marketing goals and take your services to the next level. 

Take a look at the sample photos in the portfolio and judge for yourself whether our session is for you. Do you see the value in enriching your website or profile with such unusual photos? Do you think they can intrigue your customers and arouse positive emotions in them? Contact us and see what we can create together!

Photoshoot Services

Green Screen Photography

Jump on the Banner

… become the face of your training. Build a graphic design that inspires confidence! 

If you are the author of an online course or you are intensively conducting online marketing, I will offer you my service specifically for Online Marketers. 

Jump on the Banner is a photo session carried out on the green screen. The most important thing in it is expression, you are the first and only plan. The redoubling of gestures and emotions is intended to illustrate the content conveyed to your clients during the course or campaign. Thanks to this procedure, they will be able to better assimilate the information provided to them and identify with it. As a result, they will be more involved in training or campaigning. As a result, they will remember better and are more likely to apply your message. The success of your customers will make you an expert worth recommending to them.


Goal: To create a professional campaign to promote your project with a series of amazing photos!

We will build a complete photo portfolio that you can use when developing graphics for your marketing campaign.

During the session, you will fool around taking various poses necessary to promote your materials. We make a thousand minutes appear on your face, and you will become a unique emoticon. You will get a lot of accessories to play with, which will strengthen the pronunciation of the content you want to convey! Ps. You are entitled to an unlimited number of changes in outfits and accessories. Be prepared for an explosion of emotions! You will also receive an additional set of photos in a resolution adapted to the selected social network (Facebook, Instagram, LinkIn, etc.) 

Price from 600 € (min 20 photos) 

Portrait Photography

Portrait of a Passionate

Do not hide what delights you. Share your passion with others!

Do you have amazing interests that energize you? Do you derive passion from what you do? Are you a master in your field and deliver incredible value with your products or services? Maybe it’s time for you to shine brighter than a thousand stars?

Goal: Show what energizes you… capture your emotions and share them with others! Let potential customers see your value and benefit from it.

My goal is to capture that twinkle in your eye and the positive energy emanating from you at the moment when you forget about the whole world, inducing yourself to your passion. In the pictures, I want to capture your childlike joy and full commitment. Such photos will become a great showcase of your offer – those will build trust in the services you perform. Those will show how much heart you put into the implementation of projects and how personal the projects are for you. Thus, photos will help you build an authentic relationship with your client.

Portrait of a Passionate is a casual session in your environment, showing you naturally – without pretending and without artificial poses. High-quality photos of you offering your services will help you stand out on social media and engage your dream customers with your message!

Ps. I promise you that the side effect of the session will be amazing experiences and great fun in front of the camera!

Session price from 400 € (min 5 photos)

Artistic Photography

Artistic Portrait

Weave a bit of magic into everyday life. Create a surreal story and become its hero!

Do you have the courage to break out of the mould? Are you ready to show yourself in an unusual way? An artistic portrait session is a surreal idea to depict the emotions that your passion evokes in you.

The magic of this project happens in two stages. First of all, we create unconventional scenes based on a completely clever idea. Then the photos from the session will not only be retouched but also subjected to graphic processing along with the addition of artistic effects.

 Goal: To create a professional campaign to promote your project with a series of amazing photos!

Show who you are… capture your uniqueness by presenting yourself in a metaphorical way! Allow yourself to go crazy to stir up an incredible emotion in others by building a magical arrangement.

My goal is to create a setting and amplify one dominant emotion that you want to present. One picture that is supposed to tell a story about you is worth a thousand words. So that every “passer-by” will pay attention to you and establish an emotional bond. Such photos will become a great showcase of your offer – those will build trust in the services you perform. Those will help you build an authentic relationship with your customer.

Artistic Portrait is a slightly stylized session, but consistent with your emotions and who you are. Therefore, it always takes on a casual character and takes place in your environment. It is a kind of metaphor that is supposed to show your ideals and motives. Expressing your values by creating symbolic high-quality images will help you win the hearts of your dream customers!

Session price from 500 € (min 5 photos)

 The photo session is not just a visit to the studio for the agreed time. This is an adventure that will draw us in completely!

Photo session Stey by Step

We determine what you need – We plan what photos or the final effect you want to achieve. We review inspirations and look for what will satisfy you. We give the style of the session.

 We determine the scope and terms of cooperation by signing the contract.

Time to release emotions! “It’s just a lot of fun in this step. The session is a moment full of amazing impressions, joy, satisfaction… and self-discovery.

You get access to the platform from me, with the photos I took. From among all the photos, you choose the ones that you like the most.

Your selected photos are professionally processed and sent back to you with the possibility of immediate download.

End Result

The result will be a selected number of ready-to-use (retouched) photos that you choose from among those taken during the session. The remaining shots will be available for another 4 months if you want to order them additionally. 

You can use photos in an unlimited way to publish on social media, use them to create banners or graphics in marketing campaigns. Photos can also be used to print on banners or leaflets. Photos can be successfully used to create graphic visualizations in online courses and as additional elements in the content of websites or even videos. Banners and avatars on social media accounts are another examples of the use of branding photos. As you can see, the possibilities are enormous. 

All this so that you can present you and your services in the same way, in each of the media you use.


As long as it is supposed to last until you get satisfactory results!

We do not counting the time – we are at your disposal. Usually, the session lasts about 1-2 hours, but sometimes it is useful to have more time to get used to being photographed and implement the session plan in a way that satisfies us.

Sometimes there are also spontaneous ideas for other scenes – we don’t mind. We’re just having a great time until you say, “Enough, I’ve got everything I came for.”

If it takes you 4 hours – we are happy to serve you.

 The biggest impact on the price is the number of selected photos and possible additional costs associated with the preparation of the session. You will inform about total price and costs as soon as we determine your needs.

If you have questions just ask me!Make an appointment for a free consultation. I am passionate about photography and will be happy to show you around my world without any obligations.Click the link next to it or send a quick message in Messenger.

It all begins with a conversation

If you have questions just ask me!
Make an appointment for a free consultation. I am passionate about photography and will be happy to show you around my world without any obligations.
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