Remote Support

Do you know the value of your time and want to devote it to the development of your project? 

Are you too busy to waste hours on administrative work? See what support we can offer you…

Our Remote Support Services

Focus on what depends only on you, and leave the execution of the administration to us. 

We are hungry to create visual content like the Cookie Monster is hungry its cookies!

Remote support is a longer cooperation consisting in delegating to us part of the tasks in the implementation of your project. These are both administrative and designing tasks mostly in the area of creating and publishing visual marketing content.

Virtual support is billed on an hourly system. Declared hours remain active for a period of 30 days. You can choose the scope of services using standard packages, and then adjust the number of hours to suit your needs. If we have not met your needs with any standard cooperation package, please contact us and we will create a range of services tailored to your individual needs. Hourly rate from 30 €

Basic Package

Mały Projekt Współpracy

Minimum 10 hours per month 

Marketing Services 

  • Support in creating your brand image
  • Creating graphics for social media
  • Social Media Management

Standard Package

Średni Projekt Współpracy

Minimum 20 hours per month

Marketing Services BASIC AND:

  • Administrative support
  • Creating templates, e.g. e-mails, offers, presentations – ensuring brand consistency
  • Graphic design of marketing content

Premium Package

Duży Projekt Współpracy

 Minimum 45 hours per month

 Marketing services STANDARD AND:

  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter management
  • Individual requests – customer service

This is how cooperation works

You tell us what you need our help with and how often you will use our assistance.

 You find out how much value each hour will bring you. We check the possibilities of your budget. We will determine the average lead time of our tasks and their complexity.

We get to work… we wander like ants, charming out and surprising results for you. You see that the tasks are done without your participation and that you finally have the time to focus on expanding the project…

 … or you just relax with a well-deserved coffee.

You are satisfied with the results and the rapid development of your project, so you come to us for another package. You are happy that everything goes your way, without the feeling of running like in a reel.

It all begins with the conversation

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